Illinois Height Modernization: Digital Elevation Data

Historically, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data for Illinois have mainly been based on 5- to 10-foot contour data. Large-scale, digital topographic maps are most common; many data resources contain elevation information acquired in the 1920s and 1930s. DEM data collections are now being developed based on data with a resolution of 2 feet to 6 inches. A comparison between older data and newer high-resolution data shows remarkable improvement in recorded detail.

ILHMP has established data sharing agreements to archive and distribute elevation data for select Illinois counties. Data have been acquired using Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) technology, in compliance with different contract specifications; data are offered as originally delivered, unless otherwise noted. It is important to remember that not all LiDAR data collections are designed to the same set of technical specifications. This LiDAR Glossary from the Applied Geomatics Research Group is useful, as is the Glossary with data examples from Terranean Mapping Technologies. Table 4.9 of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) LAS [File Format] Specification Version 1.3-R10 defines the standard classes which are used to delineate LiDAR returns into identified points for water, ground, building, etc.

To facilitate download of multiple data files, use the DownThemAll tool for Firefox. Contact S. Beaverson if you have data to share.

Access Data

2010 data acquired by Merrick for the Illinois Height Modernization Program

Kendall County Data
Bare Earth Grid, Tiles: 3.62 GB; 1,578 files
First Return Grid, Tiles: 3.62 GB; 1,578 files
DTM Grid, Tiles: 3.62 GB; 1,578 files
LAS Classified: 30.4 GB; 1,578 files
LAS (raw): 28 files each up to 1.8 GB in size
Mosaic Grids: hill_dtm (560 MB), bare_earth (2.6 GB), dtm (2.6 GB), first_return (2.7 GB)
DTM (geodatabase): 15.4 GB (not on-line due to file size)

2010 data acquired by Aero-Metric for NRCS for a 115 sq. mile area in Illinois

Macoupin and Montgomery County Data
LAS Unclassified(Flightlines): 17.1 GB; 28 files
LAS Classified: 15.3 GB; 170 files
DEM Bare Earth TXT: 2.6 GB; 165 files

2009 data acquired by Aero-Metric for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)

Data files for Carroll, Henry, JoDaviess, Lee, Ogle, Rock Island, Stephenson, and Whiteside Counties are offered individually, in a table designed to be an approximation of the county footprint. These data were acquired for IDOT District 2. Data were delivered in sub-sets roughly approximating each county, however data files WERE NOT duplicated between adjacent counties. Supplemental data from adjacent counties WILL BE needed to provide complete coverage for any given county. When there are only water return points for a given tile, only a First Return data file is provided. LAS data files are only available for Henry County.

Data file formats include a suite of .dat, .dgn, and .tin files for each data tile. These files were generated for GEOPAK, the civil engineering design software in use by the Federal Highway Administration at the request of IDOT. A .dat file is a data file used to create the .tin triangulated irregular network file. A .dgn file is a related design file.

Aero-Metric has created a set of statewide index tiling schemes (24 MB) with grid-spacing set at 10,000 feet, 5,000 feet, and 2,000 feet. The 2,000 foot tiling scheme for the State Plane West projection is suitable for data provided by Aero-Metric for IDOT. Attribute-level metadata pertaining to data delivered for each county are NOT included. These indexes are not suitable for data acquired by Aero-Metric prior to 2009.

Carroll County Data
DAT: 30.5 GB; 3,297 files
DGN: 24.0 GB; 3,297 files
TIN: 79.5 GB; 3,297 files
First Return XYZI: 62.2 GB; 3,332 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 29.3GB; 3,297 files
Henry County Data
DAT: 54.6 GB; 5,903 files
DGN: 45.0 GB; 5,903 files
TIN: 145.0 GB; 5,903 files
First Return XYZI: 112.0 GB; 5,905 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 53.5 GB; 5,904 files
LAS: 94.7 GB; 5,905 files
JoDaviess County Data
DAT: 37.6 GB; 4,373 files
DGN: 30.4 GB; 4,373 files
TIN: 99.9 GB; 4,373 files
First Return XYZI: 47.2 GB; 4,377 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 36.9 GB; 4,373 files
Lee County Data
DAT: 49.6 GB; 5,230 files
DGN: 38.6 GB; 5,230 files
TIN: 132.0 GB; 5,230 files
First Return XYZI: 96.8 GB; 5,232 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 48.7 GB; 5,230 files
Ogle County Data
DAT: 53.3 GB; 5,484 files
DGN: 42.3 GB; 5,484 files
TIN: 142.0 GB; 5,484 files
First Return XYZI: 103.0 GB; 5,484 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 52.3 GB; 5,484 files
Rock Island County Data
DAT: 25.5 GB; 3,271 files
DGN: 20.9 GB; 3,271 files
TIN: 67.9 GB; 3,271 files
First Return XYZI: 58.5 GB; 3,355 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 25.0 GB; 3,271 files
Stephenson County Data
DAT files: 37.1 GB; 4,062 files
DGN files: 29.2 GB; 4,063 files
TIN files: 98.9 GB; 4,061 files
First Return XYZI: 72.5 GB; 4,063 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 36.5 GB; 4,063 files
Whiteside County Data
DAT: 46.4 GB; 5,002 files
DGN: 36.1 GB; 5,017 files
TIN: 123.0 GB; 5,002 files
First Return XYZI: 91.7 GB; 5,022 files
Bare Earth XYZI: 44.9 GB; 4,997 files

2008 data acquired by Aero-Metric for the USGS, USACE, IDNR, and Champaign and Kane Counties

ABGPS Survey Report for Champaign, Grundy, Kane and McHenry Counties

Champaign County
Contours (shapefiles): 6.41 GB; 1,213 files
LAS Classified: 143 GB; 1,175 files
LAS Classified Bare Earth: 41.7 GB; 1,210 files
XYZ - Bare Earth: 53.1 GB; 1,210 files
Grundy County
Contours: 5.1 GB, 525 files
LAS - First Returns: XXXX GB; 525 files
LAS - Bare Earth: 15.9 GB; 535 files
XYZ - Bare Earth: 20.0 GB; 535 files
Kane County
Contours: 7.39 GB, 664 files
LAS Classified*: 83.2 GB; 661 files
XYZ - Bare Earth: 25.6 GB; 661 files
McHenry County
Contours: 8.71 GB, 700 files
LAS - First Returns: 73.5 GB; 738 files
XYZ - Bare Earth: 30.2 GB; 739 files

2008 data acquired by Sanborn Mapping for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Peoria County.

Peoria County Data
Contours - 2 Foot
Intensity Images for Buildings, High Vegetation, and Low Vegetation
Bare Earth (shapefiles)
LAS Files - Classified
XYZ Files - Bare Earth

2007 data acquired by Sanborn Mapping for the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

LiDAR data files for Boone and Winnebago Counties are offered individually, in a table designed to be an approximation of the county footprint. Derivative data files are bundled into N-S flightlines.

Boone County Data
ArcGrids - Bare Earth DEM
Contours - 2 Foot
ENZ Files - Bare Earth
LAS Files - Classified
Winnebago County Data
ArcGrids - Bare Earth DEM
Contours - 2 Foot
ENZ Files - Bare Earth
LAS Files - Classified

2006 data acquired by Aero-Metric for DuPage County

DuPage County Data
Related data: Index, Breaklines, Contours, etc.
LAS - Classified: 42.6 GB; 421 files
XYZ - Bare Earth: 23.1 GB; 421 files

2004 data acquired by Aero-Metric for Will County

Will County Data
Related data: Index, Contours, etc.
DGN: 8.67 GB, 1,050 files
XYZ - Bare Earth: 76.5 GB, 1, 028 files

Access Data from Other Agencies

USGS: Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

Data files for pools of the Mississippi River, including 1-meter Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data, 0.5 meter Contour lines and 1-meter first and last return pool-wide Hillshade images. Access UMESC Digital LiDAR Derivatives. 1-meter Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), 0.5-meter Contour lines, and 1-meter first and last return pool-wide Hillshade images.

Illinois Counties

Cook County
2007 data acquired by Merrick
DeKalb County
DeKalb County GIS, contact Bruce Hamilton and see the DeKalb County Information Release form.
Macon County
Macon County GIS Department
McClean County
McClean County Regional GIS Consortium,
2006 data acquired by Pinnacle Mapping Technologies, Inc.
Madison County
Madison County GIS
St. Clair County, a small portion of St. Clair County as part of a 2007 acquisition for St. Louis, Missouri
Wabash, White, and Edwards Counties, a small portion of Wabash, White, and Edwards Counties as part of a 2006 acquisition for Gibson County, Indiana

Data Delivery: Undergoing Archival Procedures

Data Delivery: Anticipated, Data To Be Acquired

by County
Adams, Alexander, Calhoun, Jersey, Lake, Union
Piatt, Saline (partial), Wabash (partial)
IDOT District 4: acquisition in Fall, 2011
Fulton, Henderson, Knox, Marshall, McDonough, Mercer, (Peoria), Putnam, Stark, Tazewell, Warren, Woodford
IDOT District 5: acquisition in Fall, 2011 or Spring, 2012
(Champaign), Dewitt, Douglas, Edgar, McLean, (Piatt), Vermilion
IDOT District 7: acquisition completed in Spring, 2011; delivery estimated for Fall, 2011
Clay, Clark, Coles, Crawford, Cumberland, Edwards, Effingham, Fayette, Jasper, Macon, Moultrie, Richland, Shelby, Wabash, Wayne
IDOT District 9 (partial): acquisition in Fall, 2011
Johnson (partial), Massac, Pulaski